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About the Program

The Red Dog Project is a program of Dog Days which places at risk shelter dogs with pre-screened fosters for rehabilitation.

From October 2013 to May of 2015 The Red Dog Project kept dogs at the York Correctional Facility in Niantic, CT. The Red Dog Project taught women offenders how to observe, assess, reshape and predict dog behaviors by showing the similarities between human and canine reactions to stress and past trauma. Our main program goal was to create harmonious, team culture for not only the ten dogs in the program but the ten inmate handlers as well.

Our fosters are trained in best practices for rehabilitating dogs using program techniques for behavioral modification as well as training routines as defined by CLASS (Canine Life and Social Skills) training curriculum.

For more information on CLASS please CLICK HERE.

Red Dog General Volunteer Opportunities

The Red Dog Project volunteers have a wide variety of volunteering options and their contribution to the charity spans throughout the year, not just at one event.

Adoption team volunteers manage all aspects of the adoption process for dogs in the Red Dog program. This includes interviewing prospective adopters on the phone or in person at events, scheduling “meet and greets” between a new and resident dog, managing adoption paperwork and facilitating post adoption follow-up calls and visits.

The rescue team volunteers are responsible for choosing and pulling dogs from shelters to go into the program. They also manage all transport, vetting and paperwork associated with the dogs in our care as well as schedule spay/neuter appointments. Rescue team volunteers are busy every week taking care of the ten dogs in the program as well as dogs in foster or at our vet clinic.

Our training team work under the guidance and direction of our licensed trainers to help inmate handlers learn best practices within the prison settings as well as facilitate dog rehabilitation outside of the prison setting.

Red Dog Coordinator Opportunities

The rescue coordinator manages pulling dogs from shelters and bringing them into the Red Dog program. All aspects of vetting, transport, record keeping and following up are part of this vital role.

The transport coordinator manages getting our dogs from “a” to “b” and that’s no easy task! Transports can be from one state to another or from one town to another.

Red Dog Project events are monthly and usually at retail or business locations throughout CT. The event coordinator manages all logistics and planning for making sure the event is well publicized, well organized and complaint with state laws.

The admin coordinator manages all program supplies, meeting schedules, volunteers as well as transport, all records and veterinary information.

Community Professional Opportunities

Because the dogs we help are usually “project” dogs we are always hoping to find veterinarians who will work with us for no or discounted rates. It’s not easy getting the dogs in and out of a high security facility like a prison so veterinarians who are flexible or who can visit the facility to administer vaccines or monthly check ups are desperately needed.

We are always looking for training professionals who are willing to work with our training coordinator in implementing our program goals for the dogs. It’s important that all training work is standardized and that training “philosophies” are in sync in order to keep the program running smoothly.

We are firm believers in the role nutrition plays in the overall health of our dogs. We also use natural supplements to help our dogs heal and, as such, we’re always looking for professionals who can help us better manage the health and well being of the dogs in our care.


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