About Us

Community Adoption Events

DOG DAYS is coordinated by Dog Days Adoption Events, Inc. and we train an exceptional volunteer crew to run these events: people of all ages, businesses, schools and many organizations come together to create a memorable event where every dog finds a home.  All dogs are vetted and up to date on all shots, spayed or neutered, dewormed, evaluated by a trainer and a veterinarian and all of the adoption fees collected are given to the rescues attending the event, not  to our organization.

The Red Dog Project

THE RED DOG PROJECT is coordinated by Dog Days Adoption Events, Inc. and is  a collaborative effort between private foundations, businesses and individuals passionate about helping high risk, or “project” dogs throughout America by rescuing them from shelters and pounds and teaching them basic socialization skills. The program mission it to find ideal forever homes for the dogs while also providing a meaningful experience for those who participate in their rehabilitation. All costs associated with the program are paid by the charity Dog Days Adoption Events.

Emergency Rescue Support

RESCUE SUPPORT is a program coordinated by Dog Days to help small rescues and pounds in need of financial or volunteer support. We have paid for training, veterinary services, spay/neuter, transports and more in order to support the small rescues across the country.

DOG DAYS has provided kennels, crates and supplies to municipalities on the CT shoreline during times of mandatory evacuation. Our ‘pop up’ shelter provides a safe space for companion animals in the same area their owners are staying.

State & Federal Filings

  • Licensed Importer – State of CT
  • Registered with CT Charities Division
  • Federally Recognized 501(c)3