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About Our Adoption Programs

We adopt dogs through two different programs:

(1) a community adoption event called DOG DAYS where we invite rescues and pounds to bring their dogs to a designated location and we provide all of the volunteer help, marketing to prospective adopters as well as cover all event costs and post event follow up with home visits and documentation. These events usually have between 80 and 120 dogs on site during one weekend and we sponsor these events two to three times per year.

(2) THE RED DOG PROJECT is our ongoing program where we match up dogs from shelters with pre-screened fosters for a few weeks of instruction rudimentary training like housebreaking, “sit, wait, leave it” and maybe a few more surprises. We promote the dogs online and through adoption events so foster time is usually limited to a few months at the most.

These Dogs are Looking for a Home!

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How to Foster a Dog

Please fill out our foster application (link below), we will begin by calling your veterinarian (if you have one) so it’s helpful if you could let your vet know that you’re going to foster a rescue dog! Please ask him/her to give permission to speak with our representative.

We will help introduce your foster dog to your resident dog if you have one.

Foster dogs will attend adoption events about once per month – if you can’t bring your dog to the event we will send a volunteer to pick him/her up. Please pack all of the dog’s belongings to go to adoption events.

All dogs in the program are up to date on all age appropriate shots, spayed or neutered, dewormed, heartworm tested and usually microchipped. We expect good health but dogs are living beings and, as such, they may feel punk after the stress of a transport. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY NOT TAKE YOUR FOSTER DOG TO YOUR OWN VET! Let us know if you see any issues which would require your dog seeing a vet.

All of our dogs have been screened for any behavioral issues which may cause a problem in your home.

Please ask the Rescue Foster Coordinator for a copy of our foster handbook if you haven’t received one, thank you for joining our rescue team, we’re very grateful for your help!

About the Dogs in Our Program

All dogs in the THE RED DOG PROJECT and at DOG DAYS events are up to date on all age appropriate shots, spayed or neutered, dewormed, heartworm tested and usually microchipped. We expect good health but dogs are living beings they will need some quiet time and maybe even bland food when transitioning into a foster home.

RED DOG PROJECT dogs have been evaluated to make sure they have no aggression issues towards humna beings. They are usually also tested for dog aggression. We do NOT test for cat aggression or other animals (chickens etc.). Please assume your dog has issues before introducing and let our trainer or representative know if your dog will come into contact with other animals.

Meeting Your New Dog

Once per month the dogs will come to an adoption event, usually on a Saturday from 12:00PM to 3:00PM. We may be at retail stores locations like Tractor Supply in Old Saybrook, Petco or other business locations open to the public or at our adoption center. We will send you an email to let you know where and when your foster dog can come meet potential adopters.

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