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How to Adopt or Foster

Please fill out our foster/adoption application, we will begin by calling your veterinarian (if you have one) so it’s helpful if you could let your vet know that you’re going to rescue a dog! Please ask him/her to give permission to speak with our representative.

Talk to us! Tell us what you’re looking for, what would work best for your family, your lifestyle, your activities – we’re here to help you meet the PERFECT dog!

Meet the dog of your dreams! Gather everyone in the family, including your current dog, and we’ll either come to your location or you come to us to meet your new pooch!

Meeting Your New Dog

About once per month the dogs will be available at our adoption center. We will send you an email once your application has been approved and let you know where you can meet the dog you’re interested in adopting.

It’s important that ALL family members in the household where the dog would live be present at the event as well as your “resident” dog if you have one.

Our adoption fee is $385.00 and is payable, in full, at the time of actual adoption. Our fee covers all of the vetting listed above as well as supplements, additional vet care, training, toys, bedding etc.

After the Adoption

A few weeks after the adoption and at your convenience a volunteer will visit your home to see how everyone is adjusting and answer any questions you may have about your new family member. Please remember that all of these dogs have come from high kill shelters or desperate living situations and it’s only in their best interest, and yours, that we confirm the adoption match was a good one. This is a great time to ask any training questions too!

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