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Job Description

Each Dog Days event should have 2 event directors who manage the overall event and support the volunteer teams. Their job is to initially find coordinators for all the positions needed and help with training and overall event organization. Do we need permits? Someone to manage traffic? Fire Department Approval? Finding the right site and making it “Dog Days Ready” takes someone familiar with these kinds of details and approvals. Making sure we have internet service, sending out thank you notes etc. Our event directors are the chairpersons for each town event and are the public face of Dog Days.

Event Coordinators & Team Leaders

Once dogs are adopted into homes we like to stay in touch and make sure the
placement goes smoothly. The adoption coordinator calls all new adopters to see
how things are going and schedule home visits for out of state rescue dogs. They will
also find a vet near the event location to the event and offer their services to
new adopters.

The rescue team volunteers are responsible for choosing and pulling dogs from shelters to go into the program. They also manage all transport, vetting and paperwork associated with the dogs in our care as well as schedule spay/neuter appointments. Rescue team volunteers are busy every week taking care of the ten dogs in the program as well as dogs in foster or at our vet clinic.

We have a crew of 30 to 50 to feed for three days and running after dogs can be hard
work! Getting the food to the event to feed volunteers and items for sale in our
General Store is no small task. Between donated food from restaurants, deli’s, grocery stores and the Food Team we make sure all DOG DAYS volunteers eat well!

Site coordinator makes sure all event supplies are on site, in working order and assembled correctly. They also make sure wifi and printing stations are operational as well as food service areas, dumpsters, trailer parking and security. Site team also sets up perimeter fencing to keep dogs secure during the adoption event. During event site coordinator makes sure all items are inventoried before packing and low stock orders are placed. Transportation for trailers and supplies are managed by Site Coordinator.

Managing incoming rescues involves many details and putting 80 dogs and puppies under one tent is no easy task. Our rescue coordinator will work with registered rescues to make sure their information is accurate and updated and coordinate any transport, grooming or vet needs they’ll have in the weeks leading up to the event. The Rescue Coordinator and the Ranger Coordinator work closely for each event.

The volunteer coordinator keeps track of all of the people coming into the event who are not adopters. The volunteer coordinator greets the volunteers on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They also “check in” with volunteers during the event on general well being/need for breaks or drinks and they might be the “point person” if a volunteer does not know what to do. The volunteer coordinator also ensures that all volunteers are wearing proper lanyards with names displayed on the front and emergency contact information on the back.

The admin coordinator manages all program supplies, meeting schedules, volunteers as well as transport, all records and veterinary information.

Community Professional Needed for Each Event

Because the dogs we help are usually “project” dogs we are always hoping to find veterinarians who will work with us for no or discounted rates. It’s not easy getting the dogs in and out of a high security facility like a prison so veterinarians who are flexible or who can visit the facility to administer vaccines or monthly check ups are desperately needed.

We are always looking for training professionals who are willing to work with our training coordinator in implementing our program goals for the dogs. It’s important that all training work is standardized and that training “philosophies” are in sync in order to keep the program running smoothly.

We are firm believers in the role nutrition plays in the overall health of our dogs. We also use natural supplements to help our dogs heal and, as such, we’re always looking for professionals who can help us better manage the health and well being of the dogs in our care.

We start each event with a Blessing of the Animals and invite any religiously affiliated leader to give the blessing.

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