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We Can't Exist Without You – Thank You!

Without a doubt there are very few charities who can exist without money and in order to have money we have to go out and get it. Supporting the mission by managing life saving programs requires consistent cash flow and our fundraising committee makes that happen.

We’ve built a great reputation since 2010 and we have good numbers and accolades to encourage donations and sponsorships. We’re careful about how we present our charity in public and through traditional and social media outlets. Our branding is consistent and professional and we strive to not only save lives but to create significant partnerships with corporations and businesses in the community.

Saved Dogs
Registered Volunteers
Attendees at Events

Your Responsibilities

Letter of Introduction & Charity Designation

Sponsorship Information & Branding

If you’re reading this page you’ve been given access to the information on here by a charity board member. We are very, very grateful for your time and expertise helping our charity fulfill its mission. You are a senior volunteer member of our charity and your advice and opinions are always requested. As a member of this committee you are responsible for:

  • Please maintain COMPLETE confidentiality regarding any information about the charity you hear in meetings or read online.
  • Please do not make copies of documents without board approval
  • Please do not share any documents without board approval

Please note that while we are so grateful for your enthusiasm and creative ideas you are not allowed to use the charity corporate logo, in any manner or on any publication without permission from our founder. We’re very careful about our corporate branding and follow a traditional style guide as used in corporate settings.

Forms Needed for Volunteering

Committee Member Information Needed:

Development Team

Careful review of all fund raising opportunities, program needs and budget to set a course for the year to meet goal.

Committee chairperson oversees the development team, trains and recruits new members, reviews the yearly budget and development plan as submitted by the CEO. This person may act as or appoint another member as the committee secretary to send out meeting minutes and maintain communication between the committee and other charity volunteer directors.

Committee Chair:

Development committee members meet monthly or at the discretion of the chair to review all development initiatives including donor development, charity events, grants, annual appeals, merchant partnerships, corporate support and sponsorships.

Development coordinators may or may not be actual members of the committee – they are responsible for specific areas of the development strategy like managing the STARS! team, specific charity events, grants etc.

Fund Raising Volunteer Opportunities

Every charity event is a great deal of effort and volunteers are always needed and appreciated!

Anyone call help sell event or raffle tickets – it’s often the only way we have to make money!

At every event, adoption or charity fund raiser we should sell t-shirts and branded items to not only supplement our income but to create brand awareness.

The youngest of our volunteers, ages 8 through 12 (although we’ve had a few younger than 8!) this group of energetic youngsters can make a great deal of money when they put their minds to it!

Different Kinds of Fund Raising

Partnering with local area merchants for either a day of proceeds donated to Dog Days, a special drink sold at a bar, food item at a restaurant. A night of..

Sponsorships of adoption events, charity events or programs overall.

Although raffles require a great deal of paperwork and attention to detail they can be a good way to bring in money through ticket sales. The state regulates how long and how often a charity can have a raffle event.

At every event we have the opportunity to sell items which get our name out there as well as items relevant to our adopters. While we won’t make enough money to pay all of the bills through our ‘general store’ it sure will help!

Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September 1st to December 15th) support eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world – Dog Days is on that list!

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